A way to save the world through games

October 18, 2011

Hey guys,


I just launched my new startup, called Play2thefuture. Our aim is to completly change modern day philantropy with a system that’s fun, engaging, and meaningful.


Check out our website at www.play2thefuture.com



Play2thefuture is a platform to connect people to the most serious challenges facing our planet in a revolutionary way. We do this through hosting crowdsourcing challenges that deal with issues ranging from malnutrition, access to clean water, disaster relief, and deforestation. Individuals or teams of problem-solvers will develop their best ideas and the users will be able to vote for their favorite idea.

Players can earn your voting power by playing casual games that focus on those same serious issues. At the end of the month, which ever solution received the most votes will get a quarter of Play2thefuture’s revenue to implement their innovation.

We started Play2thefuture because there are too many people who want to make an impact on the biggest challenges that our world currently face, but don’t feel they can have an impact and there are plenty of others with great ideas, but don’t have the funds to launch their innovation.


It’s time for us to tackle the biggest challenges that face our world in a new and engaging way.

Play games, save the world.



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