Cities in the Sea

January 20, 2011

“I long to set foot where no man has trod before.” -Charles Darwin

In the coming century there will be two great places left to explore; space and our massive seas. While most of the attention is focused onto the stars, very few people see the possibilities of advanced explorations of our seas. Since the advent of the canoe, mankind’s interaction with the sea hasn’t changed much. We have always used it as the path, not as the destination. In the coming century we will sea many new ideas emerge of mankind can began to colonize the seas in ‘sea cities‘.

Imagine the day when tens of thousands of people will live their whole lives residing in cities in the sea. How would that change us? How could it advance us?

Many have imagined as a great tool to start anew. Just as the colonial Americans, they came to America to attempt a new model of politics and economics. Today nearly all of the Earth’s land mass is claimed by all of the countries of the world. There is no new place to start anew and to test new ideas out on a grand scale of new technologies, new economic models, and perhaps new governance strucutres.

Those at the Seasteading Institute, have begun to embark on this mission. They have raised a quarter and a million dollars and plan to begin building cities in the sea as soon as technologically possible (which they say is less than a decade away). You can check it out here.

In addition National Geographic did an article showcasing some very creative designs on how to some engineers plan to build the cities. It can be located here.

Lastly, and one of the first people to think of cities in the sea is Jacque Fresco. Jacque was an Industrial Design Instructor at the Art Center School in Hollywood, California and among many other achievements ( and who in the 1970’s dreamt of cities in the sea. His designs can be found here A lot of his other ideas that were showcased on the David Letterman Show in 1974 can be found here

The future colonies of the sea will be the wild frontiers for those daring enough to risk all to discover the new possibilities of mankind. It will be as being in the room where the U.S. Constitution was written, or in the space shuttle that touched down on the moon, or being the fist team up Mount Everest. Your fate will become intertwined with those who shape their own destiny. When the ships sail out to sea with those explorers ready to chart entirely new ways of living, will you be on board?

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